Happy Fathers Day 2024

Dad ( Frank Danton) and I on November 2024, it was the best Thanksgiven Surprise ever (even if he wasn´t surprised). Happy Fathers Day Dad, 🫶🌼❤️🍷 thank you for visiting us in Europe twice last year, and the many visits before that. Basically, thank you for always be a great Cheerleader of what ever your three Girls where up to. You are indeed a GREAT Dad. I love and miss you, and happy you are a busy Man back in New York, with lots of family, neighbors and new friends. Thank goodness for the screen house and the I-pad, so that you can disappear when you wish too ! I will see you in September 2024 and hopefully on my weekly attempt atl face-time calls. With love, your middle child 😀 , Donna

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